What's an ‘anti-bride’? The viral wedding trend, explained - Today.com

For wedding planner Amy Shack Egan, unconventional weddings are far from a passing trend. Egan is the founder of Modern Rebel, a wedding planning company dedicated to creating unique and personalized weddings.

Dubbed “The Anti-Wedding Wedding Planner" in a 2022 interview with The Cut, Egan's “love parties," are meant to reflect the couple, rather than adhere to societal expectations.

“I was just really excited to create a space within the wedding industry where people could rewrite the rules,” Egan says. “The wedding industry can feel pretty boxy, and a lot of people don’t feel represented.” Egan notes that the cultural pressure surrounding weddings can be overwhelming. For many couples, the stress of wedding planning can take the fun out of the big day. 

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