BANDIT Vol. 2 No. 4: Can AI Fix Your Relationship?

Super slammed, how 'bout you? It’s been a wild few weeks at Rebel HQ – we're still catching our breath! And you can catch Ainsley and me on a couple podcasts out this month! AI will be the end of mankind, or maybe not?  Love conquers all, or maybe not? And marriage is work, or maybe not? Another fun thought-starter: create a national holiday with your boo. 

Plus, we're talking about what new holidays we'd create, 7 super sweet answers in 7 words or less from Sara + Sumaya, and how happy couples argue.

Read about all of this and more in our April 2023 issue of our relationship centered digital digest: BANDIT Vol. 2 No. 4: Can AI Fix Your Relationships?

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