The 10 Best Neon Wedding Signs You Can Buy Online - Brides

Once upon a time, wedding signage was as simple as two last names and perhaps an arrow or room designation. Now, bold, beautiful signs steal the show. They can be a fun design element to delight guests, as well as a festive backdrop for photos and a way for a couple to show their personality. “Neon signs are an easy way to add a fun and personalized touch to your wedding,” says Michelle Angelosanto, event designer at Modern Rebel in Brooklyn, New York. Between “custom or pre-made, there's no shortage of options to fit your style,” she continues, adding that many couples choose to have their names in neon, while others opt for a witty slogan.

“Don't be afraid to think outside the box,” counsels Angelosanto. You can get a cursive neon sign of your names, she says, but your neon sign “can be a giant lightning bolt because your love is electric and you connected over David Bowie on your first date” or whatever your heart desires. Angelosanto has also seen couples embrace displaying wry quotes on their neon sign like “Until Death.”

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