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Here at Modern Rebel, we’re love-party planners with some serious values.  
We can’t, and won’t, separate the two.
So what does that mean, exactly? We’re so glad you asked...

Radical Inclusivity

Let’s be real - there’s a certain image that comes to mind when you think about the wedding industry.  We all know it (thanks Martha Stewart 😑), and we’re tired of it.  We’re done with commitment ceremonies being marketed as a thing only rich, straight white people who look like cover models get to do. We’re over seeing the same wedding manufactured over and over again. We think it’s boring, and honestly, we think it’s bullshit.

Our love-parties are exactly what they claim to be - parties dedicated to celebrating love in all of the many forms it takes.  We celebrate straight love, queer love, Black love, Brown love, interfaith Jewish and Muslim love, “not-sure-if there’s anything else out there” love, gender-bending love, body positive love, dis- and differently-abled love, hardcore feminist love, polyamorous non-monogamous love, radical (self) love, and every other type of love where tradition was thrown out the window long ago with the intention of never looking back.

Not only do we celebrate all that, we are also dedicated to including, uplifting, and amplifying these stories and experiences that break the industry's mold.  We believe the wedding world should reflect all of us, and we’re committed to making it do just that, one love-party at a time.

Partner Equality

More often than not, there’s more than one person taking part in the whole “getting married” thing, right?  For us, respecting that two individuals have made this decision together is key.

Gone are the days when an engagement ring was literally a bridal down payment, so let’s throw out the idea that the groom’s only input on the planning process should be “just tell me when to show up”. It’s 2018, and you’re each individual people with unique thoughts and opinions - so pull up a chair and bring them all to the table!

They say marriage is about compromise, but it’s also about collaboration.  Your love-party is the symbolic start of your life together, and we believe that both of your unique personalities should shine on the day your “till death do us part” dynamic duo becomes legally official.

No Assumptions

Seriously, we mean it - none.  We’re just getting to know you as we jump into this planning process together, and besides, our job (literally) is to help make your love-party spectacular and smooth and a super fun time for you and your friends.  We offer guidance based on our expertise in the field, not opinions on what you should wear, how your ceremony should go, who you walk down the aisle with, or if there’s even an aisle at all!

Want to sing a song honoring your mom instead of a doing father-daughter dance?  Great!
Want to wear Doc Martens and ditch the white wedding dress? Amazing!
Want to skip the vows and have your officiant kick things off stand-up comedy style? Heck yeah!

We welcome your new and creative ideas on what weddings can look like, and are here to offer our support every step of the way.  Our aim is to let you guide the process; it’s your love-party, after all 😉

Always Room for Improvement

We openly admit there are things we have yet to learn, areas where we need to grow, and privileges we’re working to deconstruct.  We are a team of people who have been shaped by different backgrounds and experience various ways of existing in the world.  We are constantly working to be more inclusive and aware in every aspect of our work.

So please, we welcome feedback, and appreciate your understanding and support as we continue trying to be the best version of a company and team we can be.

Rebels Break the Rules

Let’s be honest - our country is in the thick of some serious social change.  And while the world around us is burning bright with revolutionary actions and ideas (just take a look at the #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #TransIsBeautiful movements, to name a few), the wedding industry hasn’t quite caught up.  But we’re rebels through and through, and you can bet we’re committed to breaking the rules.

So say no to to traditions that don’t feel quite right.  
Keep your love-party vision close and your values closer.
Push back when people say your wedding should have something you think is outdated or dumb.
Speak up against the idea that “real weddings” cost four times more than a college degree.
Throw out the thought that your wedding will be the absolute best day of your life (it could be, but, you might also win the Nobel Prize in 20 years - who knows what the future holds?!).
But most of all, break away from the idea that love parties only impact the people in the room when you say “I do”.  It’s our belief that each party should kick ass AND give back, so we made a way for our rebels to do just that - every love party we plan makes a local impact.

Simply put, we believe in the power of love - we believe it can change the world.  Do you?

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