This Non-Binary Wedding Planner is Breaking Boundaries in the Industry

Ainsley Blattel didn’t always know they wanted to be a wedding planner—in fact, they had no intention of getting into the industry. They worked in the nonprofit world after college but found that they needed to change directions for their mental health. Ainsley says they knew their favorite part of nonprofit work was event planning, but they had no idea how to translate that into a next step.

“A really big passion for me is connecting people and love,” they say. For a little while, they considered starting a business that focused on only LGBTQ+ weddings. Ainsley wasn’t sure if that was a viable business model. So when they found Modern Rebel, an alternative, feminist event planning company... they knew they’d found something special.

“I knew that this was where I wanted to work,” Ainsley says. They fell in love as soon as they read the interview questionnaire, which included questions like: “We love what we do but that doesn’t mean we love every wedding, every marriage, or even the institution of marriage (or the history of it). What marriage tradition are you sick of?”

Read the full article on Equally Wed.

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