So You Want to Get Married at a Restaurant - Eater

"It’s not a straightforward rule, but they tend to be a little bit more cost-effective because food and beverage is already in-house, their flatware is typically all in-house, you don’t have to go outside and do too many rentals,” says Amy Shack Egan, founder of the nationally operating, “unconventional” wedding planning company Modern Rebel.

Scale back what you need. To do a ceremony, many restaurants will use two spaces: one for the ceremony, and then another one where guests will go for a cocktail hour while the former is being flipped for dinner. To lower costs, consider doing the ceremony elsewhere. “You can get married nearby — and there are so many public parks in New York City — and then you can have a beautiful dinner for a small group of under 25,” says [Amy] Shack Egan.

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