Why Don't More Women Propose? - Time Magazine

When New Yorkers Amy Shack Egan and John Egan decided to get married in 2017, they opted for a third alternative. They both love sunsets, so they researched the best places to see the sun set and planned a covert trip to the Grand Canyon. They flew to Los Angeles, splurged on a convertible, and drove to their chosen spot where, as the sun went down, they each read something they'd written about why they wanted to spend their lives together.

Did [Amy] not want the surprise proposal? "I hear proposal stories every day, and the thing I hear the most is that it's never a total surprise," says Shack Egan, who runs the wedding-planning company Modern Rebel. "The conversation around marriage should never be a surprise. If it's a surprise, that's not a great sign." Couples who come to Modern Rebel, which calls its events "love parties," usually want to think outside the box when planning their nuptials, but she has noticed that a proposal from a guy has proved to be a hardy perennial.

Read the full article in Time Magazine.

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