How LGBTQ Wedding Planners Make Big Gay Wedding Dreams Come True – BUZZFEED

Ainsley Blattel, a queer wedding planner in New York City, has seen this kind of clueless interaction at countless [queer couples’] rehearsals, weddings, and receptions.

“Even vendors that know they’re working with a queer couple say, ‘Oh, is that for the bride or the groom?’ And it’s like, ‘Y’all know we don’t have a groom today,’” Blattel told me when I interviewed them at home in early June, clapping their hands to emphasize each word. “‘How did that just come out of your mouth? How are you not aware of that?’ There is no space in people’s minds for queer relationships.”

…Blattel thinks of themselves as the safety net when it comes to making sure their clients — as well as their clients’ guests — feel comfortable at each wedding. And with queer couples, this often also involves helping them navigate a day spent with family members who may not be fully accepting of their queer identities.

Read the full article on BuzzFeed News.

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