Why Is Judging Other People's Weddings Still Considered 'OK'? - Bustle

"We are so encouraged to over-perform in every area because that's what 'being a good woman' is — this plays out in very detrimental ways in the wedding industry," Egan says. "I think we've decided as a culture to put this event on such a pedestal, especially for [people who identify as] women. When you decide to paint it as 'the best day of your life' — you can expect people are going to have opinions and of course, that as a bride, you're going to take it personally — it's hard not to!"

While weddings may indeed be less and less about the extended family unit, Egan is right — they're also more and more about the spectacle of it all. Even if the day is supposed to be more focused on the couple themselves, it can be easy to lose sight of that amid all the pressure.

But Egan also says that this is exactly why focusing on your partnership during the wedding process and not just your wedding may be the best way to get through the process, suggesting that couples "actively nurture the foundation of their relationship so they're united enough to weather the storms. If you can't weather the wedding planning storms, you won't last in the marriage high seas."

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