BANDIT Vol. 2 No. 7: Baby, this is Keke Palmer!

Is it a too #hotgirlsummer? That's between the certified baddies, their pressed men, and all of the internet, evidently. On the plus side, we're all getting a crash course on the definition of boundaries. We're having hard convos around having babies, navigating an increasingly hostile political landscape, and whether or not we should try to change our partners. Books and movies on loving and losing, and a new, crappy podcast that has us in tears.

Plus, we join the curious crowd anxious to know Who Shat on the Floor at my Wedding, dig deep into how to heal after inevitable fights, and peek into the lives of our 7 for 7 Rebel couple who're always in the mood for Thai food in bed watching TV reruns.

Read about all of this and more in our July 2023 issue of our relationship centered digital digest: BANDIT Vol. 2, No. 7: Baby, this is Keke Palmer!

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