The Knot's National Commercial Ft. Amy Shack Egan

Check out Modern Rebel Founder + CEO, Amy Shack Egan, in The Knot's first ever national commercial which launched July, 2023.

"In a total pinch me moment we shared with you yesterday, Modern Rebel was featured in the first ever national commercial for The Knot. I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t think that it was spam when I first received their email asking if I’d consider being a part of their campaign - I was like, “Wait? Who? Me? What?”

I want to take a moment of gratitude - THANK YOU to everyone that has championed the simple but powerful idea that relationships matter. I’m really only in this wedding planning world because each + every time, the relationships of our rebel couples, our fellow vendors, and this amazing team reel me back in. This incredible community fuels me everyday. I felt excited by Marie Schuller and The Knot’s intention to prioritize humor, heart and joy over napkin folds and perfection, to recognize this community and create a campaign that screams love party from brides eating burgers to babies greeting their mama as she walks solo down the aisle. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now, let’s keep love partying. 💖"

- Amy Shack Egan

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