Holiday Partnership Gift Guide

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The Modern Rebel Holiday Partnership Gift Guide

If you’re anything like us, a bourbon set for your man and a silk pajama set for your woman is well… a little overdone + outdated. Snooze. 😴

Gendered gift guides are so limiting and so are labels! Not all dads like to play darts. Not all wives need an apron or a turtleneck. Where’s the gift for your polyam fam? Where’s the gift for your sensitive husband whose vocabulary doesn’t include “man cave”? Where’s the gift for your queer spouse who obsesses over their astrological chart?⁠⁠

Well, it’s HERE 💥 We got tired of not having this, so we thought - we know the modern couple! Let’s make our own and fill it with our favorite BIPOC, woman, + queer owned brands. Not for any other reason than we thought our rebels in relationship of all kinds might find it useful. We hope you do.

Happy gifting and lots of love from our family to yours,
Amy + the Modern Rebel team

What to gift your partner who...

A pink and orange box full of six spice jars

…brings the heat in the kitchen too, ;)

Nothing hotter than a home-cooked meal, seasoned to perfection, and finished with love. For your budding chef, build out their seasoning rack with a beautiful sampler box of sustainably sourced spices from 150 farms across India and Sri Lanka. (Diaspora Co.)

…propagates every orphaned leaf in the garden department

A perfectly potted Swiss cheese plant ready to love. (The Sill)

…couldn't spare six-figures for TSwift tix

Let ‘em tell the world “It's me. I'm the problem.” with an Anti-Hero embroidered sweatshirt. (Etsy)

…is your best friend, your pal, your homeboy, your rotten soldier, your sweet cheese, your good time boy

Spend a besties' night in with a self-care kit for two, some champers, and a slew of What We Do In The Shadows on the telly. (Earth Therapeutics)

…primarily prefers their pet's companionship

Commemorate their little royals with a custom historical pet portrait fit for the ruler of the realm. (Etsy)

…consensually dates your partner, too

In a world that leaves little to the imagination, give the gift of quality time on a surprise getaway trip, destination: unknown. (Pack Up + Go)

Jessica Lanyadoo's book Astrology for Real Real Relationships sits on a white background

…knows their Big 3 and yours

A beautifully illustrated primer, Astrology for Real Relationships by Jessica Lanyadoo and T. Greenaway is a modern, inclusive, queer-positive guide to all things written in the stars. Perfect for the astro-curious. Grab a copy of from your local booksellers in person or online. (Ritual Shoppe)

…you're, well, not really dating-dating, but you're not not-dating, and it's not that deep, but it is a little complicated, and maybe you should get ‘em something, but definitely don’t want to overthink it

All the mental gymnastics are a little exhausting, so give yourself a break and keep it simple with a card that says it all. (Etsy)

…is the Eve to your Villanelle

Turn their next dinner party into a Spy versus Spy romp with Codenames, for 2 to 8 players. (The Complete Strategist)

…savors the taste of billionaires’ tears

The sweatshirt "complained about on Fox News.” Say less. (Official AOC Team Shop)

…you just can't seem to stop kissing and then some

As long as you're on the same wavelength, you can never go wrong with a selection of kinky toys from your favorite sex shop. Our top pics from Babeland include the Ignite Me Massage Candle, the We-Vibe Tease Us Special Edition Set, and a pair of vegan leather wrist cuffs. (Babeland)

…is your co-parenting comrade through the toddler years

Effective parenting from any angle: Horizontal Parenting: How to Entertain Your Kid While Lying Down by Michelle Woo. (

two hands holding cards from Where Should We Begin over a pink backdrop

…connects through conversation

They make friends everywhere they go and their idea of a perfect date is a good meal and better conversation. Where Should We Begin – A Game of Stories is a minimalist card game meant to spark conversations with their favorite people. (Uncommon Goods)

…believes Oktoberfest is a state of mind

Talea, the first woman (and mom!) owned and operated brewery in Brooklyn, has home brew kits so your crafty connoisseur can make their popular Peach Berry Punch sour ale at home. (Talea Beer Co.)

…started baking during the panorama and it stuck

Baking by Feel is not like a regular cookbook. Organized by emotions like happy, sad, anxious, and mad, recipes are meant to help process feelings in the kitchen. (Indiebound)

…is your co-parenting comrade through the teen years

When the name says it all: Done Parenting Today aromatherapy shower steamers. (Urban General Store)

…could give Martha Stewart a run for her money

Add a set of party-ready confetti dinner plates to their tableware collection. (Felt+Fat)

…needs an upgrade worthy of their frequent flyer status

Nothing beats a well-made weekender bag capable of standing up to all the miles they'll clock in the coming years. Bonus: get it monogrammed and stuff it full of their favorite travel gear. (Lisa Bag)

Colorful earrings

…is super into the Y2K aesthetic

Whether it's nostalgia or a newly discovered appreciation of the aughts, a pair of handmade rainbow smiley earrings evokes the era perfectly. (Coco's Musings)

…unapologetically loves a Happily Ever After (HAE), spicy or otherwise

Ask for recs or get a gift card from the Ripped Bodice, the woman- and queer-owned bookstore specializing in romance. (Ripped Bodice)

…is chronically online

Reward their internet prowess with a party game for “the TikTok generation.” (Game of Phones)

…can't resist even the most groan-worthy of dad jokes

Socks with bananas cycling, jazz dancing, and even enjoying a game of footie just in time for the World Cup, well you might say these socks are going bananas. (Happy Socks)

…told you to take a hike…with them, please

100 bucket list hikes leather bound by hand and personalized with gold stamping. Build beautiful memories together one step at a time. (Personalization Mall)

…has mastered the art of corporatespeak

When Casey from Accounting emails a fifth time and the urge to burn it all down becomes overwhelming, they can light a little candle instead. (Per My Last Email Candle)

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