How Taylor Swift is transforming millennial weddings - Today

Amy Shack Egan, a New York-based wedding planner and owner of Modern Rebel, tells she’s seen an uptick in Swiftian weddings, which go beyond just music.  

“People before were incorporating maybe a song here or there, but it kind of exploded in the last year,” Egan says. She described how one client had a ring warming ceremony, where guests all put their hands on the wedding rings, to the Swift tune “Paper Rings,” and another who had a cardboard cutout of Swift in the photo booth. 

Egan says that for couples today, weddings are meant to be a reflection of their values and their relationship history, rather than a cookie-cutter ceremony. “The reason that they’re choosing these things are because Taylor Swift is so connected to their stories. She’s been connected to memories and moments in the relationship,” she says.

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