This One Thing Is the Biggest Obstacle for Queer Couples When Planning a Wedding, According to Wedding Experts - Parade

“Weddings were built around cis-heteronormativity in a time when women were considered property and queerness was forced to the shadows,” Blattel says. “So of course the traditions society expects to occur at a wedding weren't created with folks like us in mind.” 

They share that the “standard idea” of what weddings should look like—the white dress, father/daughter dance, bouquet toss, “You may now kiss the bride” and more—isn’t always conducive to LGBTQ+ weddings. This makes it hard to find wedding vendors who get that and “who understand the nuance of trying to carve out space for yourself in a rite of passage that wasn't made for you,” according to Blattel. 

Read the full article on Parade.

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